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Short- and medium-term greenhouse gas emission reduction targets

Proposal 1 Partial amendment to the Articles of Incorporation (Formulation and disclosure of a business plan including medium-term and short-term greenhouse gas reduction targets that are consistent w...

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Caterpillar Inc. | Report on GHG reduction targets (net-zero) at Caterpillar Inc.

Resolved clauseThe increasing rate and number of climate-related disasters affecting society is causing alarms to be raised within the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government, maki...

Report on plastic pollution at Krogr Co,

The growing plastic pollution crisis poses increasing risks to our company. Corporations using plastic packaging could collectively face an annual financial risk of approximately $100 billion should g...

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@Climate_DAO innovates on activist investor campaigns to coordinate buying shares in polluting companies and pushing ESG. (@WaxmanElliot)

April 14, 2022

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@Climate_DAO is building out the world's first activist investment platform on the blockchain and we're just getting started. Interested in joining the team? Hop in our discord or DM me! We'd love to chat.

January 26, 2022

twitter profile image of 0xZakk


@ArtizenFund + @Climate_DAO We've seen the potential for web3 as a collective funding tool (ConstitutionDAO) and for a mass coordination tool (Seed Club) The intersection of these is web3 for collective action problems like scientific funding and climate change

January 24, 2022

twitter profile image of @tmoindustries


Happy to back @Climate_DAO (and I made the leader board! LOL) They are a platform for crowd-sourced investor activism. Backers will receive $CLIMATE, a utility token that acts as a passport to the ClimateDAO community, events, airdrops and more

November 12, 2021

twitter profile image of @pavansethi_


Just backed @Climate_DAO, a platform for "crowdsourced investor activism". 🌎Why? Because public companies are DAOs, and it's time to APE. 👇

November 23, 2021

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