Link Your Brokerage Accounts

Link your brokerage account to take the first step towards having an impact!

At ClimateDAO we empower like-minded investors to collectively advocate for changes they want to see at public companies. Linking your brokerage accounts, allows us to prove to the companies we’re approaching that verified shareholders supported the proposed campaings.

What happens to my data?

Don't worry, your data is safe with us! All of your investment data is securely stored and encrypted.

Why it’s important

Linking your brokerage accounts allows ClimateDAO to prove to the companies that its approaches that verfiied shareholders have supported these proposed campaigns. In short, by linking your brokerage account- it shows that we mean business.

Strength in numbers

After verifying that you own shares and signaling your support for campaigns, we can approach companies with much more leverage. Whether you own stocks or not, public companies have a huge impact on our everyday lives. Everything from the food we eat, to how we connect, and the environment we live in is impacted by the hands of public companies.

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